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More drama for Hollander(Variety,Oct 18,2004)

Hollander to try series for Fox(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,October 11, 2004)

Surfing Celebrities launch WCT in Malibu(The Rip Curl Pro,SEPTEMBER 30TH,2004)

Baker Plays 'Dead' for Romero(Hollywood Reporter,23 Sep 2004)

'The Guardian' Tribute(Pittsburg Post-Gazette,September 20, 2004)

ABC Ferries Estevez to 'Long Island'(,September 22,2004)

Cooking up a comedy in Delaware(2)-Alan Rosenberg's new show"Partners"(The News Journal,09/12/2004)

Cooking up a comedy in Delaware(1)-Alan Rosenberg's new show"Partners"(The News Journal,09/12/2004)

Alan Rosenberg Stars in New Series for The ALS Association!(ALS Association,August 23, 2004)

Alan Rosenberg's new show"Partners"(,25 Aug 2004)

Hollander gets deal for drama set here(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,August 03, 2004)

TV Q&A with Rob Owen(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,May 27, 2004)

Last call on 'The Guardian'(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,May 27, 2004)

Many factors led to 'Guardian' demise(post-gazette,May 22, 2004)

'The Guardian' sprang from creator's diverse background(Pittsburgh Post-Gazet,May 23, 2004)

'Ring 2' cattle call: Firm is hiring extras Saturday in Astoria(,4May2004)

City's TV showcase, 'Guardian,' is canceled by CBS(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,May 20, 2004)

Guardian angles(The Star-Ledger,May 04, 2004)

'Guardian' episode makes fitting farewell(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,May 04, 2004)

'The Guardian' makes its case for renewal(The Associated Press,April 21, 2004)

Help Save The Guardian(The National Downs Syndrome Society,April 6, 2004)

Help needed(The Florida chapter of the ALS association,April 2, 2004)

Purple Prime Time(Northwestern Magazine,Spring 2004)

Younger-thinking CBS as sweeps ends(Media Life Magazine,Mar 03,2004)

Future isn''t looking bright for "Century City"(Variety)

CBS Suspends 'The Guardian' (United Press International,March 16 2004)

Primetime Tuesday Ratings: CBS' Century City Disappoints(,March 17 2004 )

CBS gives ho-hum show a test run on Tuesdays(Detroit Free Press,March 16, 2004)

Drama for ''Guardian'' -Series'' fate is in balance(NY Daily,March 16, 2004)

Mid-season players get shot at lineup(Pittsburgh Post-Gazett,March 14, 2004)

CBS Ventures Into New Territory(Hampton, VA,February 11th, 2004)

Aussie man-from average blokes to Simon Baker are smartening up their act.(Sunday Age,March 7,2004)

'Guardian' still endangered(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,March 04, 2004) Cape May County native has stake

Cape May County native has stake in 'Guardian's' return(Press of Atlantic City ,February 17, 2004)

The dark horse(SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER,February 23, 2004)

What is Lou Gehrig's Disease(ALS)?

Simon Baker:New James Bond?(,February 16, 2004)

Jersey-born actor likes legal roles(Courier-Post,April 26, 2003)

Sundance's Slippery Slope( 26, 2004)

From E Street to Hollywood Boulevard(,Jan.28.2004)

Slighting 'The Guardian'(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,January 29, 2004)

Kiddie drama for grown-ups(The Australian,Jan 28,2004)

Preview of 307 "Hazel Park"(,January 21 2004)

Interview: Simon Baker(Book of Love)(Dark Horizons,January 22nd, 2004)

Drama to replace 'Guardian' reruns(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,January 20, 2004)

TCA Winter Press Tour: CBS(,January 19, 2004)

Sundance Pre-Production: BOOK OF LOVE Director Alan Brown(,01/07/04)

New shows set CBS Premiere Dates(,January 17,2004)

Interview with Alan Brown (About Simon's new movie)-Jan,2004

Tree trunk acting(The Courier Mail,08,jan,2004)

SA grad mastermind behind TV drama(Sewickley Herald Star,11/19/2003)

New drama sounds like "The Guardian"(,December 03,2003)

Never confuse malice with dumb luck(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,November 27, 2003)

Local Husband And Wife Each Share Screen Time With CBS Stars(,Nov 25, 2003)

Fighting Glad(People,20/05/2002)

Guardian Angel(New Wave Magazine,March 10 2003)

Interview with Wendy Moniz(WXCY Country Radio station,13,May 2003)

Reality Bites in the Moral Maze of The Guardian(Sunday Telegraph,7th,Dec 2003)

Fran''s Sundance double(It''s about Simon''s new film)-The Age,December 5, 2003

Simon Baker's new film"Book of Love"(,2003)

"The Guardian": Underdog with Potential(,Nov 14, 2003)

The Fabulous Baker Boy(Herald Sun,7th Dec 2003)

Gina Torres will take a recurring role on the FOX drama "24."(,December 07,2003)

Kathleen Chalfant's new show-THE LAST LETTER(December 03, 2003)

'Guardian' crew ensures city references are authentic on CBS drama(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,December 02, 2003)

Crew brings touches of Pittsburgh to Hollywood( Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,Tuesday, December 02, 2003)

Dormont fans give CBS the evil eye(Pittsbugh Live,November 27, 20030